International competition: Private Choice Public Spaces

This is our response to a competition that aimed to construct an installation at the existing fence of the Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization, JWHO, in Jackson, Mississippi, providing a safe and respectul access to the clinic.

Under the understanding that organisms expand through what we build, we posed the question: What defines the limits between organisms and their environment? One acts upon the other. Organic acts upon inorganic. Similarly, the polymorph surface acts upon the clinic’s fence.

The proposal is inspired by the architectural content of biological structures, incorporating features such as protection, natural light and ventilation. We see these three aspects, together with sound protection, as key elements to this site-specific installation.

Design Team: Ana Rolim, Erica Costa and Isabella Trindade

Location: Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Nature: temporary installation / international competition

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Townhouse addition, Brooklyn, New York

This is how we presented our project today for an addition to a 19th century townhouse. This is  a little video showing our booklet. Design concept was approved. We are happy to get the project going and hopefully ready for next Spring.

Design team: Ana Rolim and Erica Costa

Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Model: Erica Costa

Photos: Ana Rolim

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Uber cool to be featured at Archello today:
#Unicap #coletivort #parametricarchitecture (at Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA)

Uber cool to be featured at Archello today:
#Unicap #coletivort #parametricarchitecture (at Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA)

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Parametrizing the sound of the street - SONAR installation

Do the sounds of the street have shape?

 The SONAR installation was conceived and built during the 1st Parametric Design Workshop at Universidade Católica de Pernambuco (UNICAP), Brazil. Applying mostly Grasshopper and Rhinoceros softwares as design tools, the idea was to capture the lively relationships that take place on “Leisure Street”, the main integration axis in the Campus to where social gatherings, daily conversations and meals converge, bringing these into the Architecture School building, a typical modernist structure punctuated by long boring corridors.

The relationships that take place in the street were interpreted based on the different levels of noise generated throughout its length, which we recorded and converted into 3-dimensional data, later configured as a mesh surface.  Since its opening the installation has been provoking both estrangement and interaction among students and faculty, who have been constantly staring at or touching the structure in search of an unusually fun tactile experience.

Design team: Ana Luisa Rolim, Erica Costa, Diego Pessoa, Rafaela Teixeira, Robson Canuto and Victor Sadenberg

Location: Universidade Católica de Pernambuco (UNICAP), Recife, Brazil

Construction date: April 2014

Construction materials: 4mm nylon cords, metal hooks, perforated plastic screen, plastic zip ties, red color fabric paint and packaging tape

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Townhouse renovation in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, New York

We are particularly happy for doing a 100% green renovation of a 19th century townhouse in Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn. Using both sustainable infrastructural and finished items, we combined two floors into a duplex apartment. These are the 1st and 2nd floor bathrooms. The walls are finished with eco-friendly cementitious panels and wall tiles, assuring a clean look that also helps creating an airy, open feeling for the spaces.

Nature: Interior Design

Location: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

Design: Ana Rolim

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Townhouse renovation in Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn, New York

A  few years ago we worked on the renovation of a lovely 19th century townhouse in Brooklyn, New York. Using sustainable materials from infrastructural to finished items, the main goal was to combine two floors into a duplex apartment. This is a great video the clients put together showing the construction process. 

Nature: Interior design

Location: Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

Design: Ana Rolim

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Socrates Sculpture Park Folly 2014 (International Competition)

The project borrows its name from the “Ocara”, the central square in indigenous settlements in South America where important community meetings and rituals take place. The layout of villages and shape of the houses (“ocas”) may vary, but the location is always defined by visual control of the surroundings and proximity to rivers and forest. The Folly 2014 site suggests a direct connection with such parameters and the centrality of the “Ocara”. Surrounded by trees, it resembles an elliptical indigenous settlement. In our proposal the non-built space of the village remains as the focal point, becoming the built element instead. If the indigenous Ocara has formal uses, ours reassures the definition of the folly, as an object built for pleasure, enhanced in this case by the sacred-like portion of the landscape, helping reinforce the feeling that man belongs to the Earth, not the other way around.

O projeto consiste em um objeto arquitetônico ao qual se atribui o conceito de “folia”. Folias são objetos que tradicionalmente não possuíam uma finalidade específica, sendo marcados por seu caráter decorativo. Nos jardins franceses e ingleses do século XVIII passam a representar templos, e, em tempos difíceis, a construção das mesmas empregou pessoas em situação de pobreza, ajudando-os a escapar da fome.

Nossa proposta toma emprestado o nome “Ocara” da praça central que existe em vários assentamentos indígenas na América do Sul, onde importantes reuniões e rituais acontecem. Porém, a folia não teria nenhuma utilização formal, a não ser servir como um veículo capaz de promover a interação com os usuários e o meio no qual se insere.

Quanto à materialidade, a folia inspira-se na “oca”, a mais típica das construções indígenas. A oca, assim como a folia, é uma edificação temporária, construída coletivamente e compartilhada por muitas famílias. O que nos interessa aqui é a estrutura da oca, feita em madeira e com um tipo de bambu flexível, chamado taquara. 

No intuito de potencializar a interatividade do objeto, a condição de flexibilidade da taquara (da oca) é ampliada e a direção da cumeeira é invertida, sendo projetada para o interior do objeto e  expressa sob a forma de uma parábola. 

Nature: Temporary installation (International Competition)

Location: Long Island City, New York, USA

Design: Ana Rolim and Erica Costa

Design collaboration: Mariana Queiroz

3d Images collaborator: Fernando Vilarim

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Weekend home Upstate New York

A couple who lives and works in New York City wanted to renovate their weekend home by adding a new entry porch, a dining / reading room, and a new layout for the existing kitchen which would be open to the added dining room. The design direction was to keep the character of the original cottage, adding bright colors and larger windows that would allow them to dine and relax while viewing the beautiful forest located at the East end of the property.

Design: Ana Luisa Rolim

Location: Jeffersonville, New York, USA

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Country home addition (under construction)

How to intervene in a building and its geometric disorder? Our approach was to add neutral elements characterized by pure forms and clear legibility. The proposal contemplates a kitchen renovation and addition, new decks and barbecue area, as well as an exterior access /stairway to these spaces. The building materials and finishes establish a consonant dialogue with the existing conditions, featuring wood, stucco and cementitious surfaces.

Building and interior design

Location: Gravatá, Pernambuco, Brasil

Design team: Ana Luisa Rolim e Erica Costa

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